Thursday, 15 August 2013

Me and Mine

A Meme thanks to these  lovely ladies over at..

Making : piles of clean washing
Cooking : lots of vege's, think meat and 5 veg!
Drinking : coffee in the mornings
Reading: Natural parent magazine, featuring three beautiful & Talented sisters!!
Wanting: a clean house and a hot dinner (not cooked by me)
Looking: proudly at the boxes full for the opshop
Playing: wheres wally with Mr4 while little Miss naps
Wasting: time cooking and cleaning!
Sewing: sooo soo sadly nothing at all
Wishing: it was a warm season
Enjoying: hubbys rainy days off work
Waiting: the sun to warm our bodies
Liking: the thought of a house less cluttered
Wondering: if my nearly 6month old will ever stop feeding every two/three hours in the night!
Loving: how hungry i am, resulting alot more energy
Hoping: i will oneday sleep again
Marveling: at my Pixies love for eachother, melt
Needing: more cuppa tea dates with friends
Smelling: incense
Wearing: tights bum and painting clothes
Following: lots of delish blogs
Noticing: my jeans fit again suddenly
Knowing: we soon will be in Hawaii!!!!!!!!
Thinking: i really should be in bed
Feeling: like something sweet
Bookmarking: more like Pinterest addicted again
Opening: the washing machine lid everyday! bore
Giggling: at little miss giggling at her brother and dada, ohh those giggles!
Feeling: pretty complete!

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